Global Partnership and Consortium Division carry out roles  to support Universitas Airlangga’s international partnership activities. In order to maintain its performance , there are several subdivisions that supervise it as follows to:
  • International Partnership
This subdivision has focused on managing international strategic meeting arrangements, managing the multilevel review procedures for international cooperation manuscripts, and managing the database of international cooperation activities.
  • Event Management and International Consortium
This subdivision has roles in  managing Universitas Airlangga’s participation in university level international education fairs both domestically and internationally. Also, managing correspondence and database of cooperation with associations or consortium partners.
  • Faculty Collaboration
This subdivision is responsible for managing activities with Faculty Ambassadors as well as managing programs with Regional Ambassadors. Each faculty in UNAIR assigns a lecturer to liaise the coordination between AGE and faculties in conducting its international programs. Regional Ambassadors  are responsible for promoting UNAIR to international academics through three different strategies namely conducting Study at UNAIR Info Session, contributing articles for e-Newsletter, and Academic Peerlist networking.
  • Archivist 
This subdivision focuses on managing database of internal correspondents, managing documents for internal audit and human resources.

International Cooperation Agreements

Universitas Airlangga has high enthusiasm for collaborating and establishing agreements with foreign academic institutions both culturally and scientifically. As one of our achievements, we seek to collaborate with foreign parties to develop research, pedagogical, cultural activity, and to promote international mobility of lecturers, researchers, and students. We provide assistance to connect  our  faculties or departments to  foreign universities and vice versa.
There are two types of agreements that coordinated by Global Partnership and Consortium Division:
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
A memorandum of understanding is an agreement at the university level that is signed by the rector/vice-chancellor/president  or a person who has the highest authority to sign a cooperation document representing a university. This agreement expresses general intention and points of both institutions in conducting collaboration activities.
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MoA)
A Memorandum of Agreement is a agreement manuscript at the faculty or unit level that is signed by the dean/head of the unit or a person with the highest authority to sign a cooperation manuscript representing the faculty/unit. This agreement expresses specific  points of collaboration activities and involves limited parties only.
To view the procedure of international cooperation agreement processes, you may refer to this link: here  
Please note that any English version of the agreement manuscript will be translated into Indonesian language and another language that has been agreed by the parties. The template of agreement manuscript are accessible on this link: here
For further questions or if you require an arrangement other than these two forms of agreement, please kindly contact us through this email address: or via phone call during our office hours (09.00 to 15.00 GMT+7): +62 31 5966864

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