As a part of the attempts of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) to achieve world class university recognition, Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) establishes the division of Global Research Initiative and Engagement whose responsibilities mainly focus on the scopes of Academic, research, data management, and digital content creation. Therefore, in order to excellently carry out the responsibilities in three different scopes above, the division is divided into the following sub-divisions:
1. Academic and Research-Related Engagement Programs Sub-Divisions

•Managing the academic and research-related activities aimed for university priority academic peers such as Airlangga Public Lecture Series, Airlangga Global Research Initiatives, Attracting Global Researcher, and Airlangga Webinar on Research Work.
•Providing administrative assistance to review the global research collaboration agreement
•Managing the university global research consortium
•Producing research-related articles for university global campaigns
•Providing technical support for the university global research collaborative projects and database.
2. Management Data of Academic Peers Sub-Division

•Managing the data of UNAIR global academic peers
•Maintaining the faculties’ engagement plans for UNAIR global peers.
3. Digital Engagement Sub-Division

•Creating monthly social media plan
•Creating the visual contents and content writing for the university program promotion as well as regular posts on social media
•Maintaining and updating the contents on the official website of AGE
•Producing monthly newsletter for university engagement purposes
•Promoting the international programs initiated by AGE using digital advertising tools
•Engaging and maintaining engagement with the social media’s followers of AGE
•Providing information through official WhatsApp hotline.

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