Successful applicants will be notified the outcome of assessment on a Letter of Offer or Letter of Conditional Offer. This section will guide you on how to understand your offer and what you to do following your admission process to the university. This information is provided for accepted applicants who already received an offer to study or join the international programs at Universitas Airlangga.
Pre-arrival Information
  1. Health Insurance
There are two conditions for accepted students to international programs in Universitas Airlangga, which are listed below:
  • Degree Program (KNB and ADS)
International students will be given a health insurance from the university. All students are able to use the insurance for several benefits and medical treatments during their studies in Universitas Airlangga. However, the health insurance will be renewed every year. Please kindly click here to check out further information.
  • Non-Degree Program (AMERTA, INHERIT, SURA-BALI, and others)
Accepted students are required to hold a health insurance before the departure or the students can buy the health insurance that are offered in Indonesia.
  1. Before getting on the plane
In order to obey the security laws, please make sure you do not bring the items below:
– Flammable items (cigarettes, matches and any other flammable items)
– Explosive materials (fireworks, flares, dynamites and any other explosive materials)
– Chemicals (chlorine, bleach, spillable batteries, spray paint, tear gas and any other chemicals that potentially cause danger on the plane)
– Weapons and sharp objects (Gun, compressed-air guns, knives, and pocket knives).
If there will be any unexpected accidents on the flight committed by the students due to bring the items we have mentioned above, then it is not our responsibility. Always take extra care of your belongings, especially the ones you put inside the hand luggage. Put your passport and any other documents in the safest spot on your bag or hand luggage. We strongly recommend you to put some extra clothes in the backpack or any bag that you will bring with on the plane just in case you will experience lost baggage upon your arrival.
  1. Arrive in Indonesian region.
When you arrive in Indonesian airport and queuing for the immigration security check, make sure you have your documents with you (passport, Letter of Acceptance and any other supported documents). Just in case the immigration officer at the airport asks you things about your purpose in Indonesia.
During-stay Information
  1. Currency and Payment
Indonesia’s currency is Rupiah or known as IDR. We strongly recommend you to have Rupiahs before coming to Indonesia for your emergency funding. If you cannot find money changer that has our currency in your home country, you can change some of your cash at the airport and then change all cash that you have in Indonesians money changer. If you consider changing your money to Indonesians money changer, please note that not all currencies are acceptable to be changed into our currency. Therefore, we recommend you to have at least USD or Euro currency.
  1. Accommodation Arrangement
There are some choices for accommodation close to the university called boarding house (rented room). The rent cost may vary, it depends on the facilities and location. Normally, the boarding house rent cost starts from IDR 500.000. Your buddies will help you to gain the boarding house. Upon your arrival, you will stay temporarily at university’s guest house for three days maximum. However, we need to check its availability in prior so that you could stay there temporarily.
  1. Communication
Since you are away from your family during your study period, communication is a crucial part in order to update them your current condition. There are two options for you to communicate, the first is using Wi-Fi service and Indonesian sim cards. For the Wi-fi service itself, it can be used at some parts of the university, namely the libraries, the faculties and some other Wi-Fi areas in the university. In order to use the Wi-Fi service, you need to have a university account that will be processed by the university system upon your arrival. The second option is using Indonesian sim cards. You can purchase the Indonesian sim cards at some communication shops close to the university, majority of Indonesian sim cards are working on GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network. Therefore, you need to make sure that your gadget is using this network. Each Indonesian sim card provides different packages for your needs, starting from call and text packages until the internet data package. The cost and internet speed may vary, they depend on the amount of internet data and the location.
  1. What to do upon your arrival in the university.
We will conduct cultural and immigration orientations for all international students at Universitas Airlangga. The time and venue will be informed soon. Besides the orientations, we will also help you to apply for Indonesian bank account for your financial matter as well as help you issuing your students ID card. For further information, please kindly check this  and find the International Students Guide Book.


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