“Establishing Global Academic Community through the development of leading, innovative, and independent international activities”

Airlangga Global Engagement (AGE) is responsible for leadership and advocacy for all international programs and activities at Universitas Airlangga and organizes relevant resources related to the internationalization growth and sustainability.



  1. Initiate, facilitate, and promote cooperations and international networks for education, research, and community service.
  2. Develop and manage an international program which is innovative, excellence, and independent both in UNAIR and foreign institutions.
  3. Managing immigration services, welfare of international academics and administrative services for academics at Universitas Airlangga.
  4. Initiate, facilitate and develop research collaborations between Universitas Airlangga and international universities or institutions.
  5. Develop and manage the Indonesian Culture Center abroad and the International Cultural Center at Universitas Airlangga.


  1. Implement “Internationalization Strategy” and “Creation Action Plan”.
  2. Develop strategic alliances, manage partnerships and collaborations, and international networks.
  3. Provide feedback to the top management of Universitas Airlangga leaders for making decisions related to international matters in a quick and precise manner.
  4. Develop and implement the “Global Leadership” program for students by enriching their insight, expanding their network, and their intelligence.
  5. Collaborate with Faculties, Departments, Study Programs and Study Centers to develop and strengthen international agenda.
  6. Manage formal delegations of higher education leaders’ visits to foreign partners (foreign universities, governments, and other international institutions), and following up on the results of these visits.
  7. Develop cooperations with foreign/multi-national donor agencies, foreign government donor agencies, foreign universities, and funding, research, and education foundations/institutions.
  8. Give an ease of access for foreign partners in obtaining information about Universitas Airlangga through AGE.
  9. Organize the initiation to establish a foreign cultural center at Universitas Airlangga and the cultural center of Universitas Airlangga abroad.
  10. Cooperate with relevant parties including university leaders in developing their “International Profile” of universities, as well as media publications, international activities and support for academic development programs through international publications and conferences.
  11. Develop the university’s “international market”.
  12. Develop and manage university academics opportunities, including lecturers, students and staff for transportation abroad and accommodation for foreign academics in the country.
  13. Implement campus internationalization and international curriculum.
  14. Provide service and support for official travel related to the development of education for the academics of Universitas Airlangga.
  15. Provide immigration services, support, and welfare for Universitas Airlangga academics.


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